Business features

Bowling - it is a great sports game, leisure, or simply entertainment. Recently bowling game really became a popular pastime and recreation in the world. Everyone, at least once in life, should try the bowling and experience the pleasure of it, wishing to enjoy again and again the next party og the game!



Bowling - a fascinating and gambling, which goes back more than 5000 years. The first baling balls were discovered in the tombs of the pharaohs of Egypt. The tracks, designed for this game have been found by archeologists in ancient Polynesia, are proof that even in the VI century the locals actively playing bowling. By the way, the length of these tracks fully coincides in length with the modern - 18.228 m. During its history, the bowling has experienced many conflicting stages. For example, a long period of the game in Germany was part of a religious ceremony, and the skittles identified pagan gods. It was believed that the more people would bring down skittles, the purer his soul and motives is, the better his human qualities are. There were also times when bowling was considered gambling and vicious game. People were playing for money and betting. And as the church insisted that it generates excitement robbery and fraud, the game was forbidden. And only at the end of the XIX century, bowling became what people know this game now. It was developed general rules of the game set standards and approved by the size of bowling balls and skittles. By the way, at this stage, it was decided to use for the game familiar to us ten skittles (previously there were only nine).


The philosophy of our company

The modern bowling long gone beyond the unique and elite type of rest. There was a time when a player in order to play had to be recorded in a few days. In the period of 1996- 2008 years, entertainment centers, bowling club opened several ones per month. Now the entertainment industry is not experiencing the best of times and is a real war for the client. The owners use a variety of marketing tools, promotions, gifts, special rates. An important factor in the success of the business - a high-quality equipment! Our experts were trained and gained experience in the best clubs in Europe and the United States, they had the opportunity to work on different hardware, American, European and Chinese. We are happy to help you to understand all the intricacies of this business, choose the best set of equipment, as well as provide training and quality service.