Additional Services

Additional Services

Card system

We offer different solutions for card systems to your entertainment center.
Card system - both from domestic and foreign manufacturers which are in the market from 3 to 25 years.

The main advantages of such card systems are the following:

  • unspent client's money remain in the system,
  • marketing impact on the market and increase of the flow of visitors,
  • card systems improve financial security of the entertainment center.



For us one of the obligatory items of work with a client is  creating a marketing plan and  project development strategy.

Our company is practicing a customized approach to each unique case, since it implies taking  measures to adapt the products individually to the needs of consumers.

Creating a unique design project, positioning, promotion of the entertainment center, advertising, creating the brand and  elements of corporate identity (company brand-book), event marketing in order to increase customer flow, calculating profit and so on - is not full unit of marketing services that we  implement individually working with you.



Our company consults clients about a number of issues: commercial, financial, personnel, organizational, strategic.

We tell you which tools you should use to realize not only effective strategy for the development of a specific project or your entire entertainment center, but also how to find solutions for your  future business on a range of topical issues. We thoroughly analyze the economic profitability of location of the object, thereby we develop a complex of recommendations for the choice of a highly-profitable area under EC. We choose popular  equipment  of world leaders of the entertainment industry for you in accordance with your wishes, as well as working to create an entertainment center concept and its implementation.

Our experts are ready to teach you not only how to own this business - but also we are ready to disclose the secrets of how to  manage a business effectively!